Meet Parramasala’s first mascot – ‘Kiko’

A milestone of seven years is celebrated at Parramasala this year with an icon to capture the spirit of cultural harmony.


Ceramic sculpturer Vipoo Svrivilasa designed a 6 metre inflatable mascot that held a resemblance to the blue dry ceramic sculptures he crafts in his studio.

Originally beginning as an Indian festival, Parramasala has expanded to show off many Asian cultures in Western Sydney and it’s expected to continue expanding in the future.

The use of blue and white, which is a colour-theme consistent with all his other works, are inspired by the blue dry ceramic from China that is often imported to Europe.

Some of Vipoo Svrivilasa’s ceramic sculptures

It is a personal metaphor to the artist that captures the notion of ‘from East to West.’

“It’s kinda how I measure my life because I came from Bangkok, Thailand and I moved to Australia,” Mr Svrivilasa said.

He was surprised to be contacted by Parramasala organisers because he was “not used to making something so big, but excited for the opportunity to do something different.”



The Parramasala festival in Parramatta is one of the largest celebrations of diversity in New South Wales.

The peace signs and rabbit ears of the figure throws a nod at selfie culture and was made to encourage locals to take a photo with it.


It’s a relevant idea as a recurrent trend in social media, as well as how Mr Svrilvilasa uses social media to take ideas from the public in building his creations.

“I use a lot of social media to create my work as well,” Mr Svrilvilasa said.

It was also how Kiko was originally named. Parramasala held a competition on their Facebook page since late last year to name the blue and white peace loving rabbit.


Parramasala this year ran from March 10-12 with more than 40,000 in attendance according to the Sun Parramatta Holroyd.


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